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eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera

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Dual Cam Technology: The view offered by ordinary cameras is just too limited to provide complete protection. With the doorbell camera, blindspots are eliminated and your doorstep is in full view. Dual Motion Detection: The advanced PIR and radar motion sensors are able to distinguish both near and far subjects and reduce 95% of false alarms. Delivery Guard: Get instantly notified when your package arrives with Delivery Guard. Plus, you’ll receive pick-up reminders and alerts if someone approaches your package. 2K with HDR: 2K HD surveillance ensures visitors can be identified from the smallest details. And thanks to high dynamic range, visitors who are backlit by the sun can be seen in perfect color and clarity.


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eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera

eufy Security Video Doorbell Comparison

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Power Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Wired
Local Storage
Wi-Fi Connection
2-Way Audio
Night Vision
Human Detection
Alexa/Google Assistant
Dual Cam
Delivery Guard
Dual Detection

Does Video Doorbell Dual support Apple HomeKit?

No, it supports Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, but it doesn’t currently support HomeKit.

Can I add my other eufy devices to Video Doorbell Dual’s HomeBase directly?

Yes, you can add eufyCams and other eufy Video Doorbells that require HomeBase support to Video Doorbell Dual’s HomeBase.

What is the difference between Dual Motion Detection and Single Motion Detection?

Other doorbells only have one sensor, radar or passive infrared (PIR) for object detection. Video Doorbell Dual includes both sensors to take advantage of heat and wound wave sensing, reducing false alarms by 95%.

How does Facial Recognition work?

When the AI sees a face, it uses algorithms to recognize the person as someone you have told it to remember. If recognized, you’ll get a notification of who’s at your door before you check the video.

How does storage work?Can I expand storage or use cloud storage?

All videos are stored locally on HomeBase, not Video Doorbell Dual. Your video is encrypted with military-grade AES-256 bit technology and then sent to HomeBase, keeping your data safe in your home. HomeBase storage cannot be expanded or replaced.

7 reviews for eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera

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  1. Ronco Bronco

    Delay is being able to view event longer than I expected.

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  2. Michael

    Bought this from Amazon.de, Great build quality and instructions are easy to follow for install. All working well so far. Picture quality is excellent. Even better than I expected to be honest. Night vision can’t handle walls close to camera as it causes bright light effect but apart from that night vision is quite good too. Alerts are quick and not getting any false positives

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  3. Woodwood

    I have changed over from a ring and very happy with the Eufy because of the video quality and the human motion detection hasn’t had a single false alarm. The selling point for me was the fact it has its own internal storage in the base station so you don’t have to pay for cloud storage subscriptions unless you want extra back up. My only gripe is it seems to take a while for Alexa to show the live feed where as I can view it within seconds through the app. WiFi signal tests as excellent so I don’t think it’s a signal problem.

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  4. Chunyan Osmond

    This doorbell captures everything thanks to its additional radar sensor. I had the standard cheaper 2k doorbell before and the PIR sensor missed the postman about 50% of the time which was really frustrating. This expensive model has PIR and a radar sensor which means it never fails to pickup the deliveries/visitors, even cats. It is highly customisable so you can set the specific areas you want it to alert you to and ignore others. You get what you pay for, this is definitely worth the money. Also no subscription is a big money saver in the long run.

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  5. Jonathan

    Everything about this product is brilliant, the dual camera, the response to load up and image, the response to talk to someone, the quality of the video, the fact to can make so many personal changes that best suits your home!!!

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  6. L

    The main thing about the eufy doorbell is that you do not need to purchase a monthly/yearly subscription to still have top quality features other manufacturers only provide on subscription.The unit was easy to install, coming with drilling templates and screws and wall plugs. Do charge it up before installation, so that you can check the video coverage angles before drilling holes and mounting.The doorbell can be powered from an existing AC doorbell transformer, meaning you never have to worry about charging it up, although the internal batteries will reportedly last several months depending upon the features you turn on. You will get an alert to charge the unit when needed.Currently (as at May 2022) hoping for integration with Google Nest displays and Amazon Echo Show displays for the video feed upon doorbell ring, rather than just on the phone app.

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  7. jason c.

    Alot better than the nest

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    eufy 2K HD Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera Motion Detection Delivery Guard

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    as of 8 August 2022 16:37

    Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual (Battery-Powered). Enable the eufy Security skill on your Alexa App. Link the eufy Security account to Alexa. No, the battery doorbell cannot work as a wired doorbell.

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    eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera
    eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera


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