PediCura Foot File – Stainless Steel Pedicure Hard Skin Remover and Callus Removal for Feet – Professional, Medical Grade Foot Rasp

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We all take our feet for granted! We’re constantly on our feet and as a result this can put pressure and strain on the soles, leading to damaged skin. We don’t think enough about the care of our feet but perhaps we should? A key part of tackling this is understanding the hard skin on your feet and making removal of it an important part of your regular routine. Dead skin can build up because of a lack of moisture, if your feet are constantly enclosed in shoes or socks or from friction with walking and running. It can also form if you don’t regularly care for, exfoliate, file or scrub your feet. Dead callus skin on the bottom of your feet may appear dry, cracked or loose. Calluses are thick, hardening layers of skin that develop when your skin tries to protect itself against friction or pressure. The PediCura foot file provides an easy solution for removing dead skin and dry irritating calluses. This foot file has been purposely designed for best results in mind. All of our foot files are made from medical grade stainless steel and plastic, with an ergonomic rubber handle, which can be gripped firmly with ease. The large plane surface area of the file enables feet to be treated fast. Instant removal of hard callus and rough skin, works well on either dry or wet skin. The file is perfect to shave off uncomfortable, cracked, dead hard skin leaving you with beautiful smooth looking pedicured feet. Simply follow the easy to use instructions which are included on the back of our PediCura retail box. It is recommended to bathe the feet prior to filing, as this ensures maximum results. To ensure your feet stay silky smooth and looking their best it is important to regularly maintain/use the pedicure. Safety note: MUST USE WITH CARE Largest filling surface. Over 400+ tiny bi-directional micro blades, quickly remove the toughest of calluses and dry skin in seconds. All our files are ‘Sharpe’ this is to give you best results, please use gently at first and use with care.

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