Synology DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Enclosure

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Scalable NAS with SSD cache acceleration capability DS920+ provides two built-in M.2 SSD slots so that one can take full advantage of Synology SSD Cache functionality A more powerful CPU speeds up computing-intensive applications Access and sync files seamlessly
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Synology DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Enclosure

From the manufacturer

DS920+4 Bay NAS 1.5Ghz Celeron J4125

High-speed scalable storage server

High-speed scalable storage server

Synology DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Enclosure is an ideal network-attached storage solution to streamline data management and productivity.

Scalable storage design lets you start small and expand storage capacity with Synology DX517 as your data grows.

CPU – 4-core 2.0 (base) / 2.7 (burst) GHz

Memory – 4GB DDR4 non-ECC

Maximum memory capacity – 8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB)

Performance – Over 225 MB/s and 225 MB/s encrypted sequential reading and writing

Back up appliance

Backup appliance

Using Active Backup for Business you can protect any device in your business and replicate it to the cloud. Designed to provide a comprehensive while centralized data protection solution, helping you backup business PCs, VMs, physical servers, and file servers.

You can generate reports based on your policy and see it in your inbox, letting you quickly see backup status without logging into your NAS.

Built-in global deduplication greatly reduces storage consumption across devices, platforms and versions.



Complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback. You can manage all your movies, TV shows and home videos on your DS920+.

Download the DS Video app and you can stream to your smart phone, computer or TV- providing you with a fun watching experience.

Distribute your photo gallery or videos through one secure shared link with custom permission levels.

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Specification: Synology DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Enclosure


8 TB, 16 TB, 24 TB, 32 TB, 40 TB, 48 TB, 56 TB, 64 TB, Enclosure

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Seagate Solution, WD Red Plus, Synology Solution, Enclosure

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  1. Byte Of Geek

    After using a standard PC for storage I was getting a bit concerned about the electricity usage leaving it on 24/7 so decided to opt for something a little more economical. I initially thought about building something myself but the faff with the software required put me off in favour of the Synology unit which is just ready out of the box.This was my second Synology NAS, the first one bought from another retailer wouldn’t configure correctly and was subsequently returned, and was just a doddle to get set up and running after installing drives into the four bays.It sits there in the corner of the room, pretty quiet unless shutting down, consumes a lot less electricity than the PC previously, runs all kinds of software on it and just does the job perfectly.If you have the need for a NAS then a Synology unit is a no brainer, if you can get this at a good price then put it into your basket as it’s a cracking unit.

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  2. Gannett

    This is a great NAS from a company with a solid reputation and great support organisation.Storage devices are as important as the main PC in any computing environment that has grown to more than a couple of PCs and devices. Easy of use and reliability are key for on-going satisfaction.Remember – digital data can both last forever and be gone in a milli-second. The difference is backups and reliable storage devices.Some things I found out along the set up journey:Use SMB and not AFp for modern Macs.TImeMachine the mainstay of Mac based backups can be used with with NAS. Shared folders must have the “discoverable by bonjour” over SMB set on.When first setting up using bfs be sure to a put in all the drives that will be used. I started with two drives then added two more but it took the device about 12 hours each to weave the later drives into the existing configuration. This is a result of having to redo the on disk data redundancy layout for the added drives.Use the same size drives if possible – I have 4 * 7TB drives that because of the redundancy scheme this provides 21 TB of storage and 1 drive failure redundancy. Use proper NAS drives available from WD or Toshiba for best longevity.Adding 2 * 1TB cache M1 ssd sticks helps performance when the load ramps up but I do suspect that write through to disk happens. Use gigabit wired networking not wifi for moving larger amounts of data. I was getting reliably about 100Mbytes/second writing from a MacBook Pro with ssd drive over a wired connection. Time machine is a bit slower but not much.I was stuck for a while getting “Note enough space” messages on both Mac systems that were using the device. After a very pleasant interaction with support they found a quota setting on the user name was being correctly enforced. Case opened and closed in the same day.You can move data three main way between a Mac and the device :Up/down load using the File Station software accessed via a web browser,Mount a shared folder and use the finder,Mount a shared folder and use the command line in terminal.Use Time Machine for backups.The disk manager software on the NAS has many option and can be extended with extra software. The fine grained controls over users and data access are great. This model has a Celeron processor and I suspect that the virtual machine experience may not be great. However for long term NAS usage lower power consumption is preferred.Let’s talk about the noise. In a silent office you can hear the device but it’s not unpleasant. Being quieter than a coffee machine or someone tapping on a mobile phone. I imagine the NAS case as a holding place for data chipmunks so the gentle activity noise is reassuring. Some extra sound dampening would be good though esp. when the drives are spinning up. The device drive activity is not predictable when using Time Machine or multiple shared folders.Overall a great device and worthwhile addition to my computer community.

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  3. John

    With my DS214play being used for more and more things the disks were getting a bit noisy, so upgraded to this so the busy apps could use 2xSSD and the less used but more important storage is still kept on HDD. Result is a much quieter NAS, but with 920 now use for VMM and Btfrs.DSM is super easy to use, but would love it is DS Audio Android app was upgraded to modern world.

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  4. Aaron

    Perfect replacement for my ageing DS415+. Changeover very smooth and now much faster

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  5. Thomas Fjordvagn Nielsen

    I have been the happy owner of a QNAP TS410 for more than 10 years but it was ultimately getting too slow for what I wanted for a single home NAS solution.Dismissed the DS420j early on and I was looking at buying a DS420+ when this came on sale and was only 20 GBP more expensive.So far I am blown away with the ease of use and speed. Transitioned existing drives into the NAS and it was up and running within 15 minutes. Super straight forward to get started with and a strong suite of apps readily available.I will post a follow-up in 3-4 months when I have more daily usage experience.

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  6. Jamie H

    I had a DS418play for a year and a half before having a hardware related issue with my drive connections. The service from Synology support was excellent and when they diagnosed that it was a hardware issue they advised me to get in touch with the seller Amazon for a replacement unit.The service from Amazon in all honesty was a pain and big inconvenience. Despite Synology telling them that it was a hardware issue and it would need to be replaced under warranty, the insisted on me sending it to their repair team to diagnose the issue. This then took over the two weeks which it was meant to and in the end they just stopped getting in touch with me. After many conversations with Amazon customer support they decided to give me a refund which was annoying as the product now costs more than it did at the time.I decided to upgrade a bit and bought this 920+, I have had that for a month or so now and am seriously impressed, I have upgraded the RAM but the thing doesn’t break a sweat.All in all I would recommend Synology and this particular NAS to anyone but would probably advise against buying from Amazon if you want the warranty to minimise your downtime should an issue occur.

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  7. ZM

    All good and as expected from a Synology NAS device, easy to use, easy to setup and breadth of features for novice to pro user.Two things I noticed were, if you setup a file transfer (for example to backup or transfer from an existing NAS by setting up as a remote folder to copy from, to the device), when the web portal times out or requires you to sign in again, the file transfer window disappears, you can tell the transfer is still in place by checking the resource monitor which shows CPU/LAN and Volume activity, however no way of getting the transfer window back ( unless you setup a dummy transfer , at which point it will show all transfers, you can then cancel the dummy transfer, a little annoying but hopefully only have to deal with on the rare occasion).Now the most annoying, there is no sound insulation on the device, probably not an issue if you are ussing SSD or smaller mechanical HDs at around the 10TB mark, however with the newer larger sizes of 18TB etc, the sound is frustrating on power up, seek and transfer. There are links online to try to reduce the sound but these do seem quite amateur and dont provide ample resolution.Think about device placement if the sound issue is an issue, which it most definitely will be for a lot of people.

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  8. Mr. G. Tomlinson

    I have had various nas drives over the years and my last drive was a Synology. The firmware updates for my last synology drive with it being 8 years have ended. Synology is by far the best nas drive I’ve used. It gets regular updates and security updates and also it has loads of options. You can even login to it using your mobile phone. It was an easy setup although the software your told to install didn’t detect the harddrive. I found the ip address on my network and put it in my web browser. It then started setting everything up automatically. I have enabled 2 step verification to keep my account safe. It has a firewall on the device as well as protecting you from ddos attacks. It seems really nippy and once you gets our head round the interface it is easy to use. If your looking for your next nas drive you can’t go wrong with Synology.

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  9. PVS

    Added 4 x 12TB Ironwolf drives. This is our second Diskstation. The other is a 414+. 6 years old and never missed a beat. This one seems just as solid. Using it for file server, internal web server, and just hooked it up to some surveillance cameras..Simple connection to Office365 for automated backup of all our O365 docs.The ironwolf drives are a bit noisy – some clicks and rumbles, but seem OK. Previous Western Digital red drives were quieter if this is important to you.By the way it only has a single USB port – the previous one has 2 USB ports allowing automated backups to 2 separate external drives quite easily.Formatted with BTRFS – this lets you take regular snapshots allowing roll backs of files. Almost like a quick and dirty backup of the files.Disk Station Manager – the Operating System – takes a bit of getting used to. 6 years on and we are still learning things. If you have not setup a DS NAS before you must read the manual/online help.Other things to note.There are loads of features that are bundled with DS NAS that need reviewing: Video Station is an excellent alternative to Plex, and it is Free! Ensure that you setup ‘The Movie Database’ Moments is a Photo storage and access portal – think Google Photos – but on your own network vTigerCRM (offshoot of SugarCRM) is an open source CRM system that would compete with Hubspot if you have the time to set it up, Docker – you can run Ubunto or another Linux Distro inside Docker if you feel the need.Then there are loads of other tools that you can add, like MariaDB (MySQL), Apache, PHP and Perl, WordPress. A full blown Office alternative. Basically if you thought you needed a Linux Server you can probably do it out of the box with good tech support on a Synology box.One last thing, the Operating Systems DSM is actually open source. You can download it and run it on your own box, and get access to all the good stuff that Synology do. Just google Xpenology.

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  10. Kalam Husain

    One of the best NAS drives I have come across, very easy to use and set up. Synology as a company seem to have thought of everything when it come to networking and network scalability. I had been a long time WD user untill they let me down after a lot of research I found Synology and instantly knew I had to get one, they might see a bit expensive to start off with but It will pay for its self over time. With me I ended up diching all the cloud service that I was paying for and migrated all my data to Synology Nas cloud which has zero fee and unlimited storage.Synology customer services are the best and tent to relpy to email within 24 hours and aim to get issues resolved at the first point of contact. They also have a very big and very very helpfull active community willing to help if customer services are unavailable or you need a response immediately. Another wonderful service I found was they have there own you tube tutorial channel which cover every aspect of set up without overloading you with too much information.

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