Udderly Smooth 227g Chamois Anti Chaffing Cream with Shea Butter


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Product Description

Developed specifically to prevent chaffing for cyclists, runners, other sports and for those who suffer from this uncomfortable condition, especially during the hotter months, Udderly Smooth chamois Cream is an excellent value for money cream. We recommend you apply liberally to the inside of the chamois or clothing where chaffing may occur.

Review from Cycling Weekly: This is not the first time we have seen Udderly Smooth. The first product we tested was the original udder cream, and now there is a chamois cream for cyclists. Containing Shea Butter, this product is thicker than the thin moisturiser and Nivea-like original but retains the greaseless feel when applied to the skin. The thicker consistency of the cream is an improvement on the thinner Udder Cream for longer-distance rides, and has helped to prevent any chaffing even on the hottest days so far this year.

Its almost pearlescent colour and light scent gives a moisturiser appearance to the cream, so in addition to its good performance as a barrier cream, it will leave your hands smelling fresh and feeling soft. On coloured Lycra the cream was also stainless, washing out easily. The large 8oz tub prevents you having to keep running out to buy more, and the low price makes this an excellent choice. In conclusion…Udderly Smooth is great value, very effective, but it can be more difficult to get hold of. That said, it’s worth the hunting.

Rating: 9/10 Review from Singletrack: Chamois cream is seen by many mountain bikers to be un-necessary or even a little strange. Although both of these viewpoints may well be true, a quality chamois cream will allow you to ride for longer periods and in more comfort. Personally I tend to use the brilliant Assos Cream (or ‘minty arse lard’ as it is affectionately known) on any ride over a couple of hours and swear by it. Indeed the Assos cream seems to be the default choice for most of the endurance biased riders I know. Consequently it was interesting to try out a new contender to the, err, throne. Udderly Smooth previously developed creams to protect cows udders during milking, but they now have a range of creams for humans, including hand creams, used by round the world yachtsmen, and this anti-chafing Chamois Cream.

It is fresh smelling and non-greasy and didn’t stain my shorts (or skin!). It works well for a long time without re-application and certainly increased my comfort on long rides. All very good. On the whole Udderly cream seems to work just as well as the Assos. While it doesn’t have the minty tingle that some people like, it does come in a much bigger pot for less money. In conclusion… Great product, great price. Two thumbs up!


Aqua, stearic acid, Peg 2 stearate, propylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, dimethicone, lanolin oil, paraffinum liquidum, butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter), triethanolamine, allantoin, methylparaben, propylparaben, parfum.

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Apply directly to skin or chamois pad before ride

Legal Disclaimer

For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Udderly Smooth does not contain any milk or bovine products.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Udderly Smooth Chamois 227g anti chaffing cream with shea butter
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    Udderly Smooth 227g Chamois Anti Chaffing Cream with Shea Butter
    Udderly Smooth 227g Chamois Anti Chaffing Cream with Shea Butter


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